ASC Mission Statement

The Academic Success Center is committed to helping all ULV students become the best, most confident, more curious, and most engaged learners that they can be. We are here to support the academic thriving of all students in all degree programs on all ULV campuses.

Responding to the academic needs of such a diverse group of learners can only be approached with passion, energy, and strategy. At the ASC, we prioritize students’ success over the long term, not on a particular assignment, even though a particularly assignment or test or tricky concept is often what first brings a student through our doors. We train our tutors to model the kinds of active questions that drive the learning process. We focus on process, not product, and work to develop students’ curiosity about not just what they’re learning but how they’re learning it.

In short, we help students learn how to learn. We want to empower them to take joy from their intellectual work at the University.

We also take seriously, as part of our mission, the imperative to help our student employees develop: personally, professionally, and intellectually. We strive to be the place on campus where the most engaged and curious students can connect and work together to make the University even more like the one they dream of being a part.



Page last updated: Aug. 5, 2014