Check Request Form and Instructions


Used to request payment to vendors/companies and individuals, for services rendered, honorariums, minor supplies ordered, subscriptions, membership dues, workshop/seminar/conference registrations, etc.  If a vendor will accept a purchase order, a purchase requisition needs to be completed instead of a check request. Please review the Purchasing and Procurement policy prior to requesting supplies or services. Click here for the purchase requisition form and instructions. If an individual or department has a travel/combo PCard, the PCard can be used to pay for minor supplies, subscriptions, dues, and more (please refer to the PCard website for a more extensive list of approved purchases and helpful documents). The Check Request Form is also used to request cash advances and petty cash reimbursements.

The Check Request form is an interactive form; you should complete the form on line and then print it out.

Check Request Form Policy

The University of La Verne’s Check Request Form must be used; all other request forms will be returned.

All requests (with the exception of cash advances and Athletic Officiating Fees) must have supporting documents such as; order forms, registration forms, invoices, contracts, W9 forms if applicable, etc.  All requests need to have the original document that is to be mailed with the check attached.  A copy of the document, invoice, registration forms, order forms, contracts, etc. need to be attached also.  The copy has to be attached to the Accounts Payable check copy for auditing purposes and agencies regulations that require paid documents be kept for seven years.  All checks will be mailed out directly to the payee/vendor from the Accounts Payable Department. Any exceptions to this will need to be approved.

Honorarium requests need to be submitted with a contract or letter of agreement, the correct form from Risk Management , an Independent Contractor Pre-Hire Questionnaire, and a W9 form, along with the Check Request.  If there is a W9 form on file in Accounts Payable, you do not need to submit another one.

Services Rendered requests need to be submitted with a contract (detailing the services being performed) from the vendor, a W9 form if there is not a W9 form on file in Accounts Payable, the correct form from Risk Management, and the Check Request or Purchase Requisition Form.  If the services rendered are for an individual or sole proprietor read the Independent Contractor Pre-Hire Questionnaire Instructions before completing and submitting a check request. Complete the Independent Contractor Pre-Hire Questionnaire, the form must be accurately completed and approved.  Non-California residents performing services in California will be required to complete Form 587 or 590, as per the State of California Franchise Tax Board. The required forms, in addition to Publication 1017, can be found on the State of California Franchise Tax Board Website. Contact Risk Management prior to entering into a contract for services to be rendered. Payments for current and former employees must be submitted to The Human Resources department.

Cash Advance requests need to have the business purpose for the advance documented and the date of the travel or event.  The account code for cash advances is 15000.  An individual cannot approve a cash advance payable to their self.  Although the following form may not be required to be completed by your department, it serves as a tool to help manage your travel expenses prior to travel. Click here for the travel authorization form and instructions. For all non-University of La Verne employees, IRS W9 forms are required to be submitted with each cash advance request over $600 for taxable purposes.

Do not use this form for business expense reimbursement requests.  Use the Expense Reimbursement Request Form for this purpose.

Do not use this form if a purchase requisition is required, as per the guidelines found on the Purchasing and Procurement website.

Do not use this form if a Purchase Requisition Form or a Purchase Order Form have been submitted and or processed.  Click here for the Purchase Requisition Form and Instructions.  Simply forward all approved invoices with a Purchase Order Number listed on the invoice, to the Accounts Payable Department for processing.  Submitting a check request with an invoice when there is an existing purchase order will duplicate the request.  Please do not complete a check request form if there is an existing purchase order.

Form Instructions

All data on the Check Request Form should be typed.  Backup documents (invoices, registration forms, order forms, contracts, W9 forms, etc.) must be attached to the request.  Do not attach a statement from a vendor listing the invoice #, date and amount.  The actual invoice showing what was purchased, cost, taxes, and shipping needs to be attached.  Incomplete or inaccurate forms will be returned for correction and resubmission.

Pay To: Enter the payee’s full name and address (no nicknames).  Make sure to enter the correct mailing address.

Banner ID: Enter the Student or Employee 8-digit Banner ID#.  Banner IDs are assigned by the Registrar’s Office.  Do Not complete this field if the ‘Pay To’ is not a University of La Verne Employee or Student.

Deliver Check To:  You can note “payee with attachments”.  All checks will be mailed out directly from the Accounts Payable Department.

If there are special handling/mailing instructions please note this on the check request.  Rates other than regular US mail will be charged to the requesting department unless otherwise noted.

Date:  Enter the date the Request for Check was prepared.

Date Check Required:  Enter the date the check is needed; the date needed should have a Thursday’s date.  If there is an invoice attached showing terms of net 30 days Accounts Payable will issue the check approximately a week before the due date.  An exception to this would be if the Vendor were offering a discount.

Check Amount:  Enter the total amount requested.

Fund#-Org#-Account#-Program#:  Enter the 6 digit Fund # followed by the 6 digit Organization #, then enter the 5 digit Account #, and finally the 2 digit Program #.  If there is more than one FOAP please complete the area below the Purpose of Payment.

Department Name:  Enter the name of the department

Purpose of Payment:  Document the business purpose for the payment.  Examples: Seminar registration (name of seminar) and the name of the individual(s) attending the seminar: Office supplies, publications or books (attach the original order form and a copy) and document what the books or publications are for (teaching or office supplies). For a hotel stay, document the purpose for the stay, dates, and the name of the individual(s).  If you are requesting a cash advance, make sure to state the purpose of the advance and the date of travel or event.  You need to be specific when completing this area.

Form Originator Contact Info: Enter the email address and phone number of the individual who has completed the check request form.

Approvals:  The originator of the request needs to sign the form and the individual who is authorized to approve expenses for that budget.  If the Originator is the same as the Authorized Signature only one signature is needed in the Authorized Signature area. University of La Verne Clubs/Organizations requires two approval signatures.  The Instructions and Signature Authorization Form are located on the Accounts Payable website. The Signature Authorization Form showing the approval signature (s) must be on file in Accounts Payable.

Finance Office:  Once the request is checked for completeness, accuracy, and budget, the Finance Office will authorize payment by signing the request.  The request will be given back to Accounts Payable for processing.

Processing / Timelines

All accurately completed and signed Check Request Forms must be received in the Accounts Payable Department by 12 noon on Fridays for checks to be ready the following Friday (Friday In-Friday Out).  Incomplete and inaccurate Check Request Forms will be returned to the department for correction and resubmission; this will delay issuance of the check.  The date the Check Request Form is received in Accounts Payable accurately completed with the proper documentation and backup is the date that is used for the processing timeline of in by 12 noon Friday out the following Friday

Adherence to the above guidelines and instructions will enable individuals and vendors to be paid in a timely manner.  For further questions pertaining to this form you may contact the Accounts Payable Department at extensions 4111, 4112 or 4116.