Signature Authorization Form and Instructions


This form is used to identify all individuals who have authority to approve documents that are sent to the Accounts Payable Department. The various forms include; expense report, check request, purchase order requisition, and purchase order change forms. An Accounts Payable Signature Authorization Form is needed for each University of La Verne department/program and club/organization that has funds in their budget and will be requesting disbursements through Accounts Payable. The Signature Authorization Form is located at the link above.


Please fill in the information that pertains to your University of La Verne program/department or club/organization. For the various Clubs/Organizations at least two Officer’s names and titles (President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer) must be listed on the form in addition to the Advisor or Student Affairs Representative. An Officer’s approval in addition to the Advisor’s or Student Affairs Representative must be on all forms submitted to the Accounts Payable Department.

The completed Signature Authorization Form needs to be sent to the Accounts Payable Department. If a document requesting any disbursement is received in Accounts Payable with an approval that is not on file in Accounts Payable, the document will be returned.

Whenever there is a change in the authorized signatories, whether an individual is being added or deleted, a new Signature Authorization Form must be completed. The new (changed) form supersedes the old form. This means that the new form needs to have all the appropriate approval signatures for a particular program/department or club/organization, not just the changes.