Affinity Groups

Alumni, Friends & Floaters

If you ever took Ort’s kayaking class, Lewis and Clark class, rafted with the group, or just think it would be fun, we would love for you to join us on one of our trips.

Burbank Regional Campus Alumni Affinity Group

The mission of the Burbank Alumni Chapter is to build a community of life-long learners who are dedicated to support each others’ professional growth while promoting the La Verne Advantage in their communities.

CAPA Alumni Affinity GroupThe University of La Verne CAPA Alumni Affinity Group provides members with opportunities to mentor, network, and socialize in a safe and inviting atmosphere and nurture a deeper relationship between the University of La Verne and non-traditional college students.

College of Business & Public ManagementFoster successful relationships that are responsive to the needs of the Alumni, Faculty, Students, and Friends of the University of La Verne.

College of LawProvides numerous opportunities for graduates to serve the School and work closely with current students through the Appellate Advocacy program, our Moot Court competitions, serving on speaker panels, and assisting our students through our Graduate Mentor and Alumni Career Mentoring programs.

Ed.D Alumni Association

The Ed.D. Alumni Association is a consortium of alumni and professional leaders sharing ideas to build a promising future in education and other public organizations. The purpose of the Ed.D. Alumni Association is to actively support the overall goals and mission of the Ed.D. Program and to provide a professional network and encourage lifelong learning for the University of La Verne Ed.D. Alumni.

Latino Alumni Mentoring Professionals Engaging Latinos in networking opportunities, developing mentoring relationships, and creating scholarship opportunities for the enrichment of the larger University of La Verne community.

La Verne Athletic AssociationProviding interest, energy, and monetary support for the enrichment of intercollegiate athletics at La Verne remains strong.

La Verne Black GradsStay connected with Black professionals from the University of La Verne who give back to Black undergraduates in positive ways.