Email & Benefits Request

A email account is the first step in being able to:

  • Access Wireless Internet on the La Verne Campus
  • Check-out books from the Wilson Library
  • Utilize certain contract permitted databases at the Wilson Library
  • Access the online La Verne Career Link

If you are a current student, there is no need to fill out this form. If you are an Alumnus/Alumna who already has a email address, please proceed with filling out the form.

Please note: There are some companies, organizations and countries that will not allow access to Gmail accounts.

  • Contact Information

  • If you have changed your name, please submit the appropriate legal documentation to the Office of the Registrars. They can be reached at or (909) 448-4000. Once this is completed, your new legal name can be reflected on your Alumni Email Account.
  • Please provide your maiden name if applicable.
  • Education Information

  • If you do not recall your student id you will be provided with it at the time you receive your email account. You will need the student id along with your account to obtain a library card at the Wilson Library.
  • Please enter a value between 1900 and 2020.
  • Please provide your major or field of study while at La Verne.
  • Please select the primary e-mail address you would like to use when receiving communications from the University of La Verne.