2013 Tailgating Policy

The University of La Verne is pleased to announce it has adopted a pilot tailgating policy for the 2013 Leopard Football Season, designed to provide an additional venue of positive engagement and community support of the University’s Athletics Program. This pilot policy was developed by a dedicated team of University employees, and was accepted by the President’s Executive Council, the Board of Trustees, and the City of La Verne. The pilot program will be in effect for all University of La Verne home football games during the fall 2013 season, and will be enforced by Campus Safety.

Please note the Tailgating Policy does have very specific use limits, and availability, and all persons wishing to participate in this dedicated area should become very familiar with the Tailgating Policy.  Please also note that:

1.      Space is limited to a first-come, first-serve basis.
2.      Tailgating may begin 2 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the game.
3.      Supervised access to the Tailgate area will be available 90 minutes prior to the tailgating period (3.5 hours before game time).  Example:  A 1:00 pm game will have tailgating in Lot D starting at 11:00 am, and access into the tailgating area will be available beginning at 9:30 am.
4.      No overnight parking in the designated Tailgating area is allowed.
5.      Any vehicle parked in the Tailgating Section may not reposition, relocate or leave until the Tailgating area has been shut down at the scheduled start of the contest unless because of an emergency.  In such cases, that vehicle(s) will be supervised during its exit.
6.      When all marked spaces have been taken, the lot is deemed closed for any additional vehicle access.
7.      There are no other authorized Tailgating areas on or adjacent to the University of La Verne.

NOTE:  The University of La Verne is NOT responsible for any lost, damaged or destroyed personal property or items in the Tailgating area, and all attendees and participants are advised they may enjoy this activity at their own risk, and shall abide by all University rules and regulations, State and Federal laws.

The 2013 University of La Verne Tailgating Policy is available at this link:

University of La Verne Pilot Tailgating Policy (2)