Alcohol and Drug Enforcement Policies

The University of La Verne is a “dry” campus. The University policy prohibits possession and/or consumption of any alcoholic beverage while on University property.

This policy also prohibits the possession of empty alcoholic beverage containers, even as mementos or decoration. The University holds those present and/or sponsoring organizations accountable for disorderly behavior.

Any student under the influence of alcohol on University property or jurisdiction will be held accountable for his/her actions. All students present in rooms where alcohol is being possessed or consumed will be held accountable, regardless if they have or have not been drinking. The use or possession of any illegal drugs, including marijuana, on campus is expressly forbidden.

Violation of either the alcohol or drug policy may result in one or more of the following sanctions:

  • Referral to on-campus alcohol/drug education meetings
  • Social suspension
  • Termination of student housing contracts
  • Suspension or dismissal from the University of La Verne
  • Possibility of criminal sanctions


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