Welcome to The Department of English

The Study of English at the University of La Verne is designed to prepare students for rewarding careers. Benefiting from a close student-faculty ratio, with classes of rarely more than twenty, English students pursue courses of study leading to rewarding careers in teaching, the law, business, and also to further study in graduate school.

The faculty of the Department of English helps students to sharpen their understanding, enhance their enjoyment, and heighten their awareness of themselves and their world. Our approach is through a study of language and literature, the emphasis equally on the aesthetic qualities and on imaginative writing as an expression of and discourse on human concerns and values. With the small student-faculty ratio, it is possible and usual for students to develop close relationships with faculty members.

We believe that studying literature helps one to be more aware and to live a better and more fulfilling life.

To successfully complete an English major, the faculty of the Department will ask that a student demonstrate the abilities

  • to read and critically analyze major literary genres
  • to write clearly and coherently
  • to know and use basic linguistic concepts
  • to employ intelligently the vocabulary of literary study

to understand the major events in literary history and their relationship to the world at large.