Principles and Organization of Faculty Governance

The Board of Trustees of the University of La Verne delegated to the University faculty the responsibility to formulate and conduct educational policy subject to Board approval.  The faculty are represented on the Board of Trustees by the Faculty Representative to the Board, currently Glenn Gamst.  The Principles of Faculty Governance give the faculty primary responsibility for governance of such fundamental areas as curriculum, subject matter and methods of instruction, research, faculty status, and those aspects of student life which relate to the educational process.  To exercise this responsibility, the faculty adopted Faculty Governance Bylaws which established a Faculty Assembly and a Faculty Senate, and these two governing bodies in turn have created the following committees answerable to them to handle specific issues:

Other Faculty Information:

The Faculty Academic Policies and Procedures Manual at the University of La Verne which governs promotion, tenure, sabbaticals, and other faculty privileges is called PEPPIT (Professional Ethics & Personnel Policies Including Tenure).

In April 2016, the Faculty Handbook that incorporates PEPPIT, Faculty Governance By-Laws, parts of the QMS, and other policies and information that affect faculty was adopted by Faculty Assembly and Faculty Senate. The intent is for the Faculty Handbook to become the primary governing document on July 1, 2017.

Recognized leaders in research, publication, and creative activity at the University of La Verne are elected by their peers to La Verne Academy.

Awards for Excellence in Teaching and for full-time faculty service are presented in most years.

The Master Meeting Schedule lists most times and dates of committee meetings and other formal gatherings in which faculty are involved.