Graduate Academic Services

 Winter 2017 Commencement
January 28, 2017
Sports Science and Athletic Pavilion
University of La Verne Central Campus
Spring 2017 Commencement
May 27th, 2017

Mission Statement

Graduate Academic Services helps graduate and doctoral students accomplish their educational goals by ensuring university-wide standards of quality, access, and equity in graduate and doctoral programs.  Our ultimate goal is to help our diverse student population feel taken care of and valued as members of the university community.  We support our mission through accurate and timely communication, upholding university and departmental policies, and providing checks and balances as students navigate their way through their educational journey at the University of La Verne.

The Graduate Handbook can be found at Graduate Handbook

Services Provided To Main Campus Students

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 Doctoral Commencement Status
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    Late Registration/Adds

    Students desiring to register or add in any of the following circumstances, below, can only do so through two-thirds of the term with a signature from Graduate Academic Services and a late fee.

    1. Enrolling the 8th workday of a semester or term or thereafter.
    2. Enrolling in a January Interterm course on the 5th workday of class or later.
    3. Enrolling in a 5-6 week term course on the 6th workday of class or thereafter.
    4. Enrolling a weekend cycle class on the Saturday of the first full weekend or later. Appeal is not required on the Saturday of the first full weekend, but payment of the late fee is.

    Drops and Withdrawals

     Complete Drop and Withdrawal procedures can be found at including applicable deadlines.