How To Stay Joined

Requirements for Continuing Honors Program Students


Taking part in the Global Ideas Honors Program is a tremendous curricular opportunity, and the students in our program proudly define themselves as “Honors” based not only on their academic abilities at the time of admission, but throughout their careers at La Verne. As leading lights of our university, Honors students are expected to maintain strong GPAs and consistently take those courses that will lead, ultimately, to the final culmination as Honors Program Graduates. As such, three requirements exist for students continuing in the Honors program:


  • All Honors students should take at least one Honors course each year at La Verne


  • By the end of their second/sophomore year at ULV, students should have completed 13 units in the Honors program


  • Students must maintain an overall ULV GPA of 3.0


Starting January 2014: if students don’t meet these requirements, they’ll be notified that their status as Honors program students is likely to be revoked; of course, all students are very welcome to appeal to the Honors program director and/or the Honors committee before any final decision is made.