The Legal Studies program, approved by the American Bar Association, prepares individuals for careers as paralegals or for positions where organizational and analytical skills as well as knowledge of the law and legal procedures are necessary. Paralegals, or legal assistants, work under the supervision of an attorney or perform work for which an attorney is responsible. This program does not prepare students to practice law or to work directly for the public except as permitted by statute.

The paralegal profession is one of the fastest growing fields in America and provides an exciting environment for people who are interested in a challenging, progressive career. Paralegals work alongside attorneys, responsible for much of the work performed in law offices, legal departments of businesses and governmental agencies.

A sampling of the many tasks paralegals perform include: planning, developing, and managing cases; researching the law; interviewing clients; gathering facts; drafting and analyzing legal documents; collecting, compiling, and using technical information to make independent decisions and recommendations to the supervising attorneys; and representing clients before state or federal administrative agencies if that representation is permitted by law.





  • Career changers often find this field a perfect fit.
  • Students considering law school find this major a good preparation and exposure.
  • Mandatory internships give students real life experiences.
  • All students earn a Paralegal Certificate, which complies with California law.


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WELCOME LEOS! August 29, 2016 is the first day of the Fall 2016 semester. The best of luck to you throughout this semester and your academic career here at the University of La Verne. We are always here to help so make sure if you need any help at all you reach out to someone, whether it’s someone in the Legal Studies Department, CAPA, Admissions, Financial Aid, Counseling, or any other department. All contact information can be found on the website through the links to the left (for Legal Studies) or through other links above or below this page.

There will be an Orientation for new students in September, either the 19th or 26th, right before LS 301 starts, so keep your calendar clear those days, just in case!


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