Assessment Team and Goals


The University of La Verne College of Education and Organizational Leadership (LFCE) has developed a unit-wide assessment plan designed to ensure that its graduates achieve excellence in their respective fields and that programs use data for continual improvement. This plan appraises candidates’ likelihood of academic success and overall program quality four times during the program and emphasizes five key competency areas. Each program in the education unit has identified specific assessments that align with these five competency areas. In addition, each program that is approved to recommend candidates for state recognized education credentials meets California common and program standards. Programs that do not lead directly to state licensure use other institutional, professional or national standards as guidelines.

Department of Assessment

LFCE employees two full-time staff members who carry out all unit-wide assessment functions and represent the Assessment Department: Assessment Data Manager who oversees all data entry, management and reporting functions including state assessment data (Teacher Performance Assessments); and the Director of Assessment and Accreditation oversees all assessment system operations including compliance, training, and program improvements.

Assessment Committee and Program Focus Groups

The unit has had a long-standing Assessment Committee, now led by the Director of Assessment and Accreditation, comprised of leaders from each of the unit programs, typically program chairs. This group meets monthly to discuss unit-wide assessment matters, principally the effectiveness of the assessment system. During monthly Program Focus Group meetings, the Assessment Department meets with each program chair, and her designees, to discuss details of the effectiveness of his/her program. Academic and operational data are reviewed, analyzed and discussed within the context of continuous program improvement.

Assessment System Development and Continuous Improvement

The unit’s Assessment System was conceptualized in Spring of 2008 with clear key assessment areas and transition points. Before the start of the 2008-2009 school year, all programs created assessments and rubrics to address each of the key assessment areas. This system was implemented during the 2008-2009 school year with faculty/staff training and use of the unit’s data management system described below. Throughout the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 school years, data from these assessments were used to determine reliability, accuracy, consistency, fairness and freedom from bias. While improvements to the assessments used have been made at program levels, the system itself has preserved its original design as of the writing of this accreditation report.

Assessment Data Management System: Task Stream

Key assessment data described above are managed in a third party system called Task Stream. Data are primarily entered by program faculty and support staff members. Compliance is monitored using the reporting function and all data are exported for analysis each term.

LFCE Unit Operations

The unit has identified domains that define effective unit operations and processes to ensure continuous improvement based on data collection and analysis. The table linked here identifies those domains, the type of data collected, the person responsible for reviewing that data, benchmarks, frequency, and expected outcomes.