Unit Program Reports and Documents


LFCE Programs

Programs that prepare candidates for school-based professions:

Educational Counseling

Educational Management


School Psychology

Special Education

Teacher Education

Other unit programs:

Child Development B.S.

Child Development M.S.

Child Life

Liberal Studies

Organizational Leadership

Special Emphasis

University Catalog

Program Advisory Committees

Ensuring Consistent Program Quality

Dispositions Documents for the ASEHD Department

Dispositions Documents for the Education and Teacher Development Department

Fact Book 2006-2010

University of La Verne – California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

CCTC Approved Programs (pdf)

CTC Biennial Reports

Biennial Report Response, Fall 2008

Biennial Report Background 2008-09

CCTC Biennial report template (2010)

Biennial Report Response, Fall 2010

CCTC Biennial report template (2013)

Biennial Report Response, Fall 2013

CCTC Biennial report template (2015)

Biennial Report Response, Fall 2015

State Pass Rates



CBEST 2010-2011 and YTD

CSET 2011-2012 and YTD

RICA 2011-2012 and YTD

2012 – 2013

CBEST Passage Rates 2012-2013

CSET Passage Rates 2012-2013

RICA Passage Rates 2012-2013

2013 – 2014

CBEST Passage Rates 2013-2014

CSET Passage Rates 2013-2014

RICA Passage Rates 2013-2014

2014 – 2015

CBEST Passage Rates 2014-2015

CSET Passage Rates 2014-2015

RICA Passage Rates 2014-2015

Transition Point 1

Transition Point 1 Data Summary

TP1 Data Notes-January 2010

Transition Points 2 & 3

TPA Scores and Passing Rates Fall 2006 – Summer 2010

TPA Data Notes-January 2010

Transition Point 4

Teacher Education Student Teaching

EDUC 468 (5 week) Student Teaching Handbook