Exhibits for Standard 1

Exhibit 1a.5.1 – B.S. Child Development Key Assessment 1 Knowledge

Exhibit 1a.5.2 – Sample Center for Teacher Quality Data Table

Exhibit 1a.5.3 – B.S. Child Development End-of-Program Survey Data Fall 2007 to Spring 2010

Exhibit 1a.5.4 – M.S. Reading End-of-Program Survey Data

Exhibit 1b.4.1 – B.S. Child Development Key Assessment 2-5 Planning, Use of Assessments, Diversity and Technology

Exhibit 1b.4.2 – Sample Center for Teacher Quality Data

Exhibit 1b.4.3 – Sample End-of-Program Survey Information from the School Psychology Program

Exhibit1c.5.1 – Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) Data

Exhibit 1c.5.2 – Education Specialist Key Assessment Data

Exhibit 1c.5.3 – Master of Education, Reading and Language Arts Assessment Data

Exhibit 1d.4.1 – Master of Education, Special Emphasis Key Assessment Data

Exhibit 1d.4.2 – Sample School Counseling Program End-of-Program Survey Data

Exhibit 1e.4.1 – M.S. Child Development Key Assessments

Exhibit 1f.3.1 – M.S. Child Life Key Assessments

Exhibit 1g.5.1 – Unit Dispositions Agreement Form

Exhibit 1g.5.2 – Candidate Disposition Form

Exhibit 1g.5.3 – Supervised Teaching Evaluation Form

Exhibit 1g.5.4 – Employment Supervisor Feedback on Teacher Preparation Graduates