Libraries in the News: California School Librarians Under Pressure

Once a national model, California’s school library program has languished in recent years. Even before the recession, the Golden State ranked last in the U.S. for the ratio of credentialed teacher-librarians to students, calculated by the state in 2006 at one librarian to 5,124 students.

During the past four years, the picture has become even bleaker with the number of credentialed teacher-librarians statewide dropping from 1,261 in 2007-08 to 895 in 2010-11.

Meanwhile, the demand for services librarians provide have clearly only escalated with the expansion of the global economy and renewed push for high school graduates that are college and career-ready.

To read more of Tom Chorneau’s story in Capitol Weekly:  The Newspaper of California Government and Politics, click here.

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