LVTV Awards

Alliance for Community Media

     2014 Winners

Hometown Video Festival

▪   Marilyn Mejia, Ebony Williams, Tyler Harrison, Chantal Silva – “J. Brown: Violinmaker”
Winner, Documentary (Student)

     2013 Winners

W.A.V.E. Awards

▪   Halel Duberry – “LVTV Station Promo”
Winner, Program/Channel Promo (Community Producer)

▪   Anthony Troli, Kai Groschupf – “Young Adults”
Winner, Entertainment (Community Producer)

▪   Tanya Velazquez, Melanie Rodriguez, Ashley Rozatti - “Homestead Museum”
Winner, Informational/Culture (Community Producer)

▪   Jetske Wauran – “Mary Cotter 100th Birthday”
Winner, Programs by/For Seniors (Community Producer)

▪   Chelsea Stark-Jones - “Enjoying the Journey”
Winner, Sports Entertainment (Community Producer)

▪   Don Pollock – “Spotlight #3″
Winner, Magazine (Community Producer)

▪   Don Pollock, Shane Rodrigues – “Bonita High School Pop Show 2013″
Finalist, Performing Arts (Professional)

▪   Don Pollock, Christopher Hruby – “Freedom: From the Secrets of my Liberian Childhood”
Finalist, Talk Show/Issues (Professional)


Broadcast Education Association

     2014 Winners

▪   Donald Pollock, Raven Freret, Ashley Rozatti, Carissa Miranda, Claudia Gonzalez
Award of Excellence, Mixed Video (Teacher/Student Co-Production) (Two Year/Small College Category), “Spotlight #3″

▪   Melanie Rodriguez, Jeff Clarke, Matthew Martin-Hall, Carissa Miranda
Honorable Mention, Visual Storytelling (Two Year/Small College Category), “Day One”


  • Loren Coronado
3rd Place, PSA, Promo or Commercial (Two Year/Small College Category), “Scandia Haunted House”


Chaffey Film Festival

     2014 Winners

▪   Anthony Troli
Audience Choice Award, “Young Adults”

Collegiate Broadcasters, Inc.

     2013 Winners

▪    Matthew Ashby, Brandon Montalvo, Chelsea Stark-Jones – “Enjoying the Journey”
Finalist, Best Sportscast (Television)


Columbia Scholastic Press Association

     2013 Winners

▪    Campus Times Staff
Gold Medalist, 2012-2013

▪    Campus Times Staff
Certificate of Merit, News Online Design Website for Digital Media


San Bernardino Valley College Film Festival

     2014 Winners

▪      Alexander Clague
Best Crime Drama, “Sugar and Love”

▪      Jetske Wauran
Best Cinematography, “Mary Cotter: 100 Years”

▪      Delanie Pacheco
Best Editing, “Road to Recovery”

▪      Chelsea Stark-Jones
Best News/Reality Short “Enjoying the Journey”

     2013 Winners

▪      Tanya Velasquez
Best News Story, “Homestead Museum”


Society of Professional Journalist

     2014 Winners

▪      Campus Times:
Mark of Excellence Awards (Region 11)

▪      Karla Rendon, Kat Simonelli
Finalist, Breaking News Reporting (Small Colleges), “Fire chars 17 acres in Claremont”

▪      Robert Penalber, Kat Simonelli
Finalist, General News Reporting (Small Colleges), “New dean plans rehab for law school / Bar passage rate rises for law school”

▪      LVTV-3 La Verne Community Television:
Mark of Excellence Awards (Region 11)

▪      Marilyn Mejia, Chantal Silva, Tyler Harrison, Ebony Williams
Finalist, Television Feature Reporting (Small Colleges), “J. Brown, Violin Maker”

     2013 Winners

▪      Campus Times:
Mark of Excellence Awards (Region 11)

▪      Jason D. Cox
1st Place, General News Reporting (Small Colleges), “Law school ABA bid begins again”

▪      Kristen Campbell
2nd Place, Feature Writing (Small Colleges), “Keeping It Together: Mental Health and College Collide”

▪      Karo Chakhlasyan
2nd Place, Breaking News Reporting (Small Colleges), “Debaters face judicial review”


The Tellys

     2014 Winners

▪      Melanie Rodriguez/Jeff Clarke/Matthew Martin-Hall – “Day One”
Bronze Award (Film/Video)

▪       Anthony Troli/Kai Groschupf – “Young Adults”
Bronze Award (Film/Video)

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