LVTV Awards

The work of two University of La Verne Communications Department broadcast students has been recognized by the Broad Cast Education Association in the annual Festival of Media Arts.

Narrative Videos

Honorable Mention:

Kaitlin Hollingsworth (writer/director/co-producer) & Melanie Rodriguez (producer); “Hunting Shadows”

Honorable Mention:

McKinley Pollock (writes/director/co-poducer) & Serena Ghazzawi (producer): “The Transformation”


Alliance for Community Media

     2014 Winners

Hometown Video Festival

▪   Marilyn Mejia, Ebony Williams, Tyler Harrison, Chantal Silva – “J. Brown: Violinmaker”
Winner, Documentary (Student)

     2013 Winners

W.A.V.E. Awards

▪   Halel Duberry – “LVTV Station Promo”
Winner, Program/Channel Promo (Community Producer)

▪   Anthony Troli, Kai Groschupf – “Young Adults”
Winner, Entertainment (Community Producer)

▪   Tanya Velazquez, Melanie Rodriguez, Ashley Rozatti – “Homestead Museum”
Winner, Informational/Culture (Community Producer)

▪   Jetske Wauran – “Mary Cotter 100th Birthday”
Winner, Programs by/For Seniors (Community Producer)

▪   Chelsea Stark-Jones – “Enjoying the Journey”
Winner, Sports Entertainment (Community Producer)

▪   Don Pollock – “Spotlight #3″
Winner, Magazine (Community Producer)

▪   Don Pollock, Shane Rodrigues – “Bonita High School Pop Show 2013″
Finalist, Performing Arts (Professional)

▪   Don Pollock, Christopher Hruby – “Freedom: From the Secrets of my Liberian Childhood”
Finalist, Talk Show/Issues (Professional)


Broadcast Education Association

     2014 Winners

▪   Donald Pollock, Raven Freret, Ashley Rozatti, Carissa Miranda, Claudia Gonzalez 
Award of Excellence, Mixed Video (Teacher/Student Co-Production) (Two Year/Small College Category), “Spotlight #3″

▪   Melanie Rodriguez, Jeff Clarke, Matthew Martin-Hall, Carissa Miranda
Honorable Mention, Visual Storytelling (Two Year/Small College Category), “Day One”


  • Loren Coronado
3rd Place, PSA, Promo or Commercial (Two Year/Small College Category), “Scandia Haunted House”


Chaffey Film Festival

     2014 Winners

▪   Anthony Troli
Audience Choice Award, “Young Adults”

Collegiate Broadcasters, Inc.

     2013 Winners

▪    Matthew Ashby, Brandon Montalvo, Chelsea Stark-Jones – “Enjoying the Journey”
Finalist, Best Sportscast (Television)


Columbia Scholastic Press Association

     2013 Winners

▪    Campus Times Staff
Gold Medalist, 2012-2013

▪    Campus Times Staff
Certificate of Merit, News Online Design Website for Digital Media


San Bernardino Valley College Film Festival

     2014 Winners

▪      Alexander Clague
Best Crime Drama, “Sugar and Love”

▪      Jetske Wauran
Best Cinematography, “Mary Cotter: 100 Years”

▪      Delanie Pacheco
Best Editing, “Road to Recovery”

▪      Chelsea Stark-Jones
Best News/Reality Short “Enjoying the Journey”

     2013 Winners

▪      Tanya Velasquez
Best News Story, “Homestead Museum”


Society of Professional Journalist

     2014 Winners

▪      Campus Times:
Mark of Excellence Awards (Region 11)

▪      Karla Rendon, Kat Simonelli
Finalist, Breaking News Reporting (Small Colleges), “Fire chars 17 acres in Claremont”

▪      Robert Penalber, Kat Simonelli
Finalist, General News Reporting (Small Colleges), “New dean plans rehab for law school / Bar passage rate rises for law school”

▪      LVTV-3 La Verne Community Television:
Mark of Excellence Awards (Region 11)

▪      Marilyn Mejia, Chantal Silva, Tyler Harrison, Ebony Williams
Finalist, Television Feature Reporting (Small Colleges), “J. Brown, Violin Maker”

     2013 Winners

▪      Campus Times:
Mark of Excellence Awards (Region 11)

▪      Jason D. Cox
1st Place, General News Reporting (Small Colleges), “Law school ABA bid begins again”

▪      Kristen Campbell
2nd Place, Feature Writing (Small Colleges), “Keeping It Together: Mental Health and College Collide”

▪      Karo Chakhlasyan
2nd Place, Breaking News Reporting (Small Colleges), “Debaters face judicial review”


The Tellys

     2014 Winners

▪      Melanie Rodriguez/Jeff Clarke/Matthew Martin-Hall – “Day One”
Bronze Award (Film/Video)

▪       Anthony Troli/Kai Groschupf – “Young Adults”
Bronze Award (Film/Video)

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