Mail Services

The mission of the Mail Services Department is to support the University’s overall mission and vision by providing the University community with reliable, customer-focused, and economically cost-effective mail services.

We would like to give you an overview of who we are and what we do here in the Mail Center.  We currently have two full time staff members Maggie Mantecon, and Rosie Fonseca; one part time staff member Don Park; fourstudent workers, Dylan, Erika, Jovanni and Han; that pick up, sort and deliver approximately 5,000 pieces of mail per week.

In the afternoon we apply postage, bundle, and deliver to the Post Office approximately 7,500 pieces of outgoing mail per week.  In addition, we package and process approximately $3,000 worth of FedEx, DHL, and Express Mail every month.

We log in, and hand-deliver approximately 50 pieces of accountable mail/packages (mail that must be signed for) to faculty and staff every week.

As you know we have a large new student enrollment this year and it has had an impacted on the Mail Services Department.  Within the first two weeks of school, we issued 165 new student mailboxes. There are a total of 375 student mailboxes that our staff services every day.  We have also received, recorded and delivered approximately 475 packages for students since the first day of school. 

We process approximately three mass mailings per month, an average of 5,000 to 8,000 pieces each.  To process a mass mailing, we must convert your Excel spreadsheet into our mail system so that each address is sorted in postal code order.  Then we print the addresses on your envelopes or brochure.  Some mailings require collating the material and hand stuffing as many each envelope.  After postage is applied, the mailing is bundled and delivered to the bulk mailing post office.  For this reason, we require one week processing time for your mass mailing to go out.  We ask that you send the Mass Mail form (found on our website) at the same time you send your material to Graphics for printing.  Advise the Mail Center of the anticipated date the material should be delivered to us by Graphics.  Also, give us the date you expect the mailing to be taken to the Post Office.  With enough notice we can schedule our students to help process large mailings in a timely manner.

As you can see we are a very busy department.  We are a full service mail center.  We will box and seal your packages and sell you stamps.  We will continue to make every effort possible to meet the postal needs of the University community in a timely and efficient manner, with customer service our number one priority.

 Mail Services Annual Report