University Chorale

University Chorale

James Calhoun, conductor

The ULV Chorale is a large mixed choral ensemble that draws students from across the campus who enjoy singing choral music. The ULV Chorale meets every Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30 PM – 5:05 PM and performs in concert on campus and collaborates with the ULV Chamber Singers for major choral works. They sing both a cappella and accompanied works that represent a wide range of styles and periods. Highlights of past years include performances of Faure’s Requiem, An Evening of American Songs with special guest William Warfield, and most recently featured on the Walton Music Publishers 2002-2003 Choral Sampler Compact Disc recording. ACAE.

The ULV University Chorale is open to all and requires a simple Vocal Placement audition to be in this ensemble; no previous choral experience is needed.


Chamber Singers

Chamber Singers

Carol Stephenson, director

The ULV Chamber Singers is the premiere vocal ensemble at the University of La Verne and is comprised of both upper-division students selected by audition who represent a wide diversity of academic disciplines. The ULV Chamber Singers meet every Monday and Wednesday from 1:50 PM – 3:50 PM. This ensemble presents a large repertoire of choral music from the 16th to the 21st century and they perform in concert on campus and in venues throughout the surrounding community and Southern California. The ULV Chamber Singers most recently travelled to Hawaii on tour. ACAE.

Auditions for the University of La Verne Chamber Singers will begin the first week of Fall classes. Students should be prepared to vocalize, sight-read, and sing a few tonal memory excerpts. A sign-up sheet with audition times will be posted on the bulletin board outside the Choral Director’s office.


Barbershop Singing

Barbershop Singers

Carol Stephenson, instructor

Barbershop harmony is an exciting and expressive musical art that helps build musicianship and performance skills, enhances self-confidence, encourages collaboration with other singers, and sends a chill up your spine when you ring an amazing chord. The newest musical offering at ULV has already reached large audiences on and off campus and promises to continue growing in the coming semesters.

Currently, the resident quartets are the Leo Singing Dudes and the Ladies of Leo. A male barbershop chorus will be formed in the fall of 2013 with plans to start a female chorus soon. Interested students can contact director Carol Stephenson to arrange for a short audition to determine vocal range and suitability for the barbershop style of a capella singing.

La Verne Gospel Choir

Gospel Choir

James Calhoun, conductor

The ULV Gospel Choir consists of students throughout the university community who love gospel music and love to sing. Get ready for a hand-clapping, foot-stomping, hallelujah good time. The ultimate goal of the ensemble is to replicate the style and performance practices associated with the genre. Students will sing a wide variety of gospel music by composers including, James Cleveland, Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Edwin & Walter Hawkins, Donald Lawrence, Richard Smallwood, Thomas Whitfield and many others. This course will also expose students to Negro Spirituals, Blues, Jazz, precursors to gospel music and traditional gospel music styles. ACAE, GEFAb.


Chamber Music Ensemble

Director: Dr. Grace Xia Zhao

Chamber Music Ensemble class is an one unit, audition based class.  It focuses on study and performance of chamber music works from duos to larger ensembles.  The class is open for all musicians including pianists, string, and wind players. Vocalists are welcome. ACAE, GEFAb.

Weekly rehearsals.  Time TBA.

String Ensemble

String Ensemble

Director: Danielle Cummins, DMA

A string ensemble (violin family) rehearsing and performing music composed and arranged for strings. Students will listen and communicate ideas both verbaly and musically while becoming familiar with historically significant repertoire. Not challengeable. 1.000 Credit Hours. ACAE Creative/Artistic Expr, GEFAb Fine Arts Experiential.


Jazz Ensemble

Pebber Brown, director

Players focus on improvisation in different styles (blues, jazz, funk, latin, and more) and developing a small group sound.  Student must be experienced on their instruments (any instrument is acceptable) but the music is selected based upon their level of musicianship.  ACAE.


West African Drum Ensemble

Steve Biondo, director

Through this course students will learn basic technique for playing the instruments of the West African Drum Ensemble. Students will also learn the cultural background and tradition associated with the instruments used, and selected rhythms. The music will be taught in the oral tradition. Reading music is not required. The ensemble will perform at least one concert during the semester. ACAE.


Guitar Ensemble

 Guitar Ensemble

The Guitar Ensemble will learn and perform duets, trios and quartets written from the 17th century to the present. They will, also, learn contemporary styles, such as, neuvo flamenco, latin jazz and popular. This class is open to all guitarists who have some note reading experience. ACAE, GEFAb.



 *Some of the photos used were taken by Campus Times Staff Photographers.