Mission-Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The mission of the Music Department is to provide a music foundation in theory, history and literature, performance and values that will enhance the quality of life and ensure opportunities that will fulfill our students’ professional aspirations. This will be achieved by offering the highest quality educational experiences possible for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Music Department will:

    1. Acquire a foundation in music theory, history and literature and performance.
    2. Learn to appreciate a broad spectrum of music from the Western fine art tradition, the many genres of American music, and the music of other cultures.
    3. Initiate and/or continue development of their musical interests and talents.
    4. Learn skills essential to musicians today and value artistic expression as an essential part of life.
    5. Be knowledgeable about the connection among musical expression, lifelong learning and personal growth.
    6. Gain acceptance into appropriate graduate programs.