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***There will be no parking on campus for Commuting Students after 10/5/15 due to the closure of Lot D for construction of a parking structure. Commuting Students will use the off-campus Shuttle lots***

From 8/1/15 to 10/5/15:  Commuting students were emailed a temporary parking permit which will allow them to park in Lot D ONLY from 8/1/15 to 10/5/15. This permit is NOT valid for any other University parking lots and does not guarantee that parking will be available in Lot D. Students will need to use the Shuttle Lot (located at 1925 A Street, just south of Arrow Hwy) if Lot D is full. Parking in a lot other than Lot D may result in a citation and/or towing. Click here for a map of Lot D Commuter Parking- Aug-Oct.

If you did not receive a temporary parking permit for Lot D, please call or visit the Transportation and Parking Department, located inside the Campus Safety Office (SSAP, Room E110), to receive one.

After 10/5/15:  Lot D will be closed for the remainder of the 2015-2016 school year as construction of a 5-story parking structure commences on that site. Commuting Students will continue to use the Shuttle lot on A Street as well as additional Shuttle lots which will be available at the Fairplex. We will be posting more information regarding the Fairplex lot locations in mid-September. We recommend planning to add 15 to 20 minutes to your commute time due to shuttle wait and travel times.

Click here for map Fall Shuttle Service Map. Please see Shuttle information below or go to

Student parking on residential city streets near the University is prohibited where posted and violators may be cited and/or towed by the City of La Verne. If your vehicle is cited and/or towed, please call the City of La Verne if you need more information.

We appreciate your patience this year as we work to provide safe, convenient parking solutions for our commuting students!


Staff and Faculty park in lots marked with Green signs and with a Green Parking Permit only.Green Sign

The designated Green lots are A, N, G, K, I and D (parking in Lot D is available only until 10/5/15).

Vehicles without permits may only park in University lots marked with a GREEN sign from 6:00 pm – 7:00 am M-F and on weekends.

View map here: Employee parking map 2015-2016

Spaces marked “Reserved Permit Only” are reserved for permit holders with a corresponding permit number ONLY. Parking in a reserved space will result in a citation and/or towing.



Resident students park in lots marked with Orange signs and with an Orange Parking Permit only.Orange Lot

No Employee or visitor parking is permitted at any time. Violators may be cited and/or towed.

The designated Orange lots are B, O, P, C, E, J, L, H, H1, H2 and I1

View map here: Orange -Resident Student Parking lots

  • Spaces marked “Reserved Permit Only” are reserved for permit holders with the corresponding permit number ONLY. Parking in a reserved space will result in a citation and/or towing. NO STUDENT PARKING.
  • Resident Students are not permitted to transfer permits or add another student’s vehicle to their parking permit. Doing so may result in having the permit revoked.

Fall Shuttle Hours:

Monday – Friday from 5:30 am – 12:30 am.

The last Shuttle will leave Lot E (behind Wilson Library) at 12:30 am. These hours will not extend to the Fairplex parking lots when they become available. The hours only pertain to Shuttle Lot S located at 1925 A Street.





The Shuttle will pick up in the Shuttle Lot S (1925 A Street, just south of Arrow Hwy.) and drop off at ROC (Lot I) and then at The Wilson Library (Lot E) before returning to the Shuttle Lot.

We recommend planning to add 15 to 20 minutes to your commute time due to shuttle wait and travel times.

Shuttle Parking is FREE and does not require a parking permit.

Weekend and overnight parking is NOT permitted and violators may be cited and/or towed.

To find the current shuttles in operation and the next shuttle due at your stop, we invite you to download our DoubleMap app onto your Smartphone and select University of La Verne as the location.

Click for Shuttle Map Fall Shuttle Service Map




 Coordinator Receives Fleet Excellence Nomination Lisa Grater, Coordinator for the University of La Verne’s Transportation Services Section of Campus Safety was selected as one of three finalists by the National Association of Fleet Administrators for its “Excellence in Fleet Leadership Award”.  The nomination marked the first time any institution in higher education had been named as a finalist in the history of NAFA’s “Fleet Excellence” awards.  Moreover, Lisa’s nomination joined her with international and national corporate fleet executives as well as major metropolitan fleet administrators from across the United States. Lisa was recognized for her outstanding leadership in administering the University’s owned and operated fleet programs, including all University transportation programming that supports the variety academic, athletic and community-engagement activities that the University so robustly participates in such as in-field research trips, NCAA athletic events, La Verne Experience and other key programs.Lisa is also the primary facilitator for the University’s fleet maintenance program, and all daily operations fleet vehicles including the La Verne Shuttle.  As part of this responsibility, Lisa coordinates all of the technologies, including smartphone apps such as “DoubleMap”, which provide real time updates and schedules of the University’s Shuttle fleet.The Transportation Services Section is part of the Parking Services program, in which Lisa also oversees all parking programs, parking lots and facilities, and the alternative transportation suite of services such as Bicycle Friendly University, ZipCar, vanpool & carpool programs, and the University’s commitment to the air quality goals of the Southern California Region.*  *  *


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    University of La Verne Receives Bike Friendly University Silver Award 2014 – 2018! The University of La Verne has been awarded Silver Level status as a Bike Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists! Learn more about this exciting news here ULV Bike Friendly University! Want to know more about our Bike Friendly programs?  Visit these helpful resources:******


Welcome to the University of La Verne’s Transportation and Parking Services webpage.  We have provided information that we hope will make your parking and transportation experience at the University as pleasant as possible. Transportation and Parking Services is committed to providing reliable transportation options and safe parking options that enhance the quality of life for our students, faculty and staff, while promoting sustainability on campus.  We are responsible for the overall management of parking facilities and services, parking permits and traffic control, maintaining an effective commuting system, and meeting the transportation needs of the University community. If you use alternative transportation to commute to campus, this webpage can also assist you in planning your commute by public transportation or by providing you information on the bike routes in the area. Also included in this website are maps, shuttle schedules, parking permit information and major construction updates that will affect your commute.