Permit Order Process & Rates/Parking Rules and Regulations

To order a parking permit for Resident Students, Staff and Faculty, please complete the steps below.

Due to parking limitations on campus, Commuting Students will not be issued parking permits this year and may not park on campus. Please refer to the Shuttle FAQ’s tab for parking options.

1.  Log on to the Internet using FIREFOX

2.  Click on your My Laverne portal

3.  Enter your User ID (first part of your La Verne email address)

     Example: would enter “jsmith”

4.  Enter your password

5.  Faculty and Staff click on “Staff Resources”, Students click on “Student Resources”

6.  Click on “Parking Pass”

7.  Add item

8.  If prompted, create account or update your personal information

9.  Agree to terms

10. Complete order

11. Print temporary permit (valid for 20 days) and place in your driver’s side windshield

Your permanent parking sticker will be mailed to you within approximately two weeks.

Parking Permit Rates

FACULTY AND STAFF: The Faculty and Staff parking permit fee, effective June 1, 2015  is $312.00 annually. The cost of the Faculty and Staff parking permit is payroll deducted, pre-taxed, semi-monthly ($13.00 on the 10th and 26th of each month).

ADJUNCT FACULTY, EMERITUS & BOARD OF TRUSTEES: There is no fee for Adjunct Faculty semester permits, Emeritus, or Board of Trustee permits.

RESIDENT STUDENTS: Resident Student parking permits are accessed through their My La Verne Portal. There is no fee for Resident Student parking permits for the 2015-2016 school year.

 Rules and Regulations

Vehicle Registration:

Per the Vehicle Parking Statement of Policy, all vehicles on campus must be registered and display a current and valid parking permit.

If you need to add or change any information, please update your information online through your MyLaVerne portal. Only registered vehicles may use a permit, so please do not delay in completing the updated Parking Permit Request form.


Permits should be placed in the drivers side front windshield in the lower corner. Click here for sample: Permit Placement

Resident Student parking Permit Cessation Policy:

Resident Student parking permit fees will only be refunded in the case of academic withdrawal, within the add/drop period of each semester – there will be a $4.99 processing fee for cancellation of student parking passes.

Employee Parking Permit Cessation Policy:

Employees must provide a written notification to Transportation and Parking Services requesting to cancel their parking permit.  Employees may terminate or begin parking on a calendar month basis only.

How & Where to Park On Campus:

Vehicles with parking permits may park in designated parking lots ONLY.

Green lots are for Staff and Faculty with Green parking permits*.Green Sign Green Lots are A, N, G, K and I.  Click here for a map of Employee parking lots: Green Employee Lots.

*A Green employee parking permit does not guarantee available parking at the main campus. If you are having difficulty finding available parking, we invite you to use our free Shuttle service.

Orange lots are reserved for Resident Students with Orange parking permits.Orange Lot Orange lots are B, O, P, C, E, J, L, H, H1, H2 and I1. Click here for a map of Student parking lots: Orange -Resident Student Parking lots

Parking is enforced 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday in Green lots and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Orange lots. For directions to all parking lots please see the Campus Map.

General Notes:

Regardless of time of day, any illegally parked vehicle is subject to standard enforcement, including ticketing & towing. Illegal parking for any length of time risks getting a ticket.  Please don’t fall into the “just a few minutes” trap.

Disabled Parking:

Disabled parking spaces are provided throughout the campus for those in need of such space.  All spaces are convenient to access routes.  Disabled parking is free.  To park in a disabled parking space, you must possess and display a disabled parking placard. Unauthorized vehicles parked in disabled parking spaces are subject to immediate ticketing and towing at the owner’s expense.

Load Zones, Loading/Unloading:

Short-term loading zones are available for quick loading/unloading use.  Please do not linger in these areas longer than you need to…they are in very high demand!

No Parking Areas:

Obviously, parking is not permitted in any area that is not specifically designated as a parking space.  You may not park in undesignated areas, lanes, fire or safety zones, etc., anywhere off the paved surface or in any space painted with “Reserved Permit Only”.

Visitor Parking:

Visitors are NOT permitted to park in University lots without a parking permit or placard. Violators risk ticketing and towing, so please be aware. Visitors may use either Shuttle lot to get to campus. For information regarding visitor parking please go to Visitor/Vendors/Special Events.

 For more information please contact Transportation and Parking Services at 448-4725 or email