How we see it

The essential human behavior of drawing includes photography among its crafts. The science and engineering resulting in photography emerges from our fundamental fascination for the way nature works and how we live in it. We are informed and motivated by the power of pictures in documentary. We are enchanted and socialized by the charisma of pictures in art. We know of our heritage and bring our wares to market with pictures. We know more and more about our life together because we’ve made and shared and seen pictures of it.

With these thoughts in mind, we first encourage students to work with us as we explore and refine our techniques and address contemporary aesthetic considerations of the darkroom and digital photographic craft. Then, we promote opportunities for students to use their skills, craftsmanship, social awareness and aesthetic sophistication in photography everywhere within the full spectrum of human experience offered by the academic disciplines at the University of La Verne. Finally, we encourage and support each of our students in the recognition of their personal talent and in the application of their new skills to a dynamic contemporary career environment.