Physics Program


Physics is the study of the world at its most fundamental level. It is the foundation of all scientific disciplines, and as such, it is the most diverse field of scientific inquiry. Physicists study the structure of subatomic particles and the evolution of galaxies. They model climate change and brain processes. They work at the cutting edge of developing technologies such as nuclear fusion, nanotechnology, quantum optics, and spintronics. The dozens of subfields within physics attest to how far-reaching physics is in our technological society.

Our Program

The Physics program at the University of La Verne offers a unique and rigorous educational environment in which students receive individual attention. The bachelor’s degrees (B.A. and B.S. in Physics) prepare students for graduate school, teaching careers, work in industry, and dozens of other possibilities.  Our graduates have gone on to pursue careers in astronomy, medical physics, teaching, research, computer modeling and energy production.