Purchase Requisition

Purchase Requisition Form Instructions

Banner Purchase Requisition 8.75 Tax – Effective 1.1.17


A Purchase Requisition is used as the input document for the Purchasing Department to prepare a Purchase Order (PO), which is the official authorization document to order goods or services from a vendor.

Please note – Please use the new Banner Purchase Requisition Form for all orders beginning Fiscal Year 15/16 (effective July 1, 2015).

  1. Requisition Number– Enter the assigned Requisition Number issued to you by the Purchasing Department (i.e. R001ABC, Please note: the numbers will change, but the letters will remain constant such as R001ABC, R002ABC, R010ABC, etc.)
  2. Date – Enter the date the Purchase Requisition was prepared.
  3. PO Type– Place an “x” in the appropriate box.
    • Standard – Standard PO – items to be ordered and received by Central Receiving.
    • Open – Open or Blanket Purchase Order – An order for items or services to be received over a period of time (not to exceed 1 year).
    • Contract – An open order for contracted services (i.e. leases).
    • Capital Projects (J)
  4. No Delivery – Okay to Pay Invoice – Place an “X” in this box if we will not receive delivery on a PO. (i.e. warranties, travel, conference registration, etc.) This gives A/P permission to process payment upon receipt of invoice.
  5. Requested by – The name of the requestor of the goods and services. (i.e. John Smith)
  6. Extension Number – An extension number that the requestor can be reached. (i.e. 4541 or #6034)
  7. Department– List the department name requesting the goods or services. (i.e. Purchasing)
  8. Email Address – Enter your email address – note – @laverne.edu has been automatically populated.
  9. Department Approval– The person with the responsibility for the program budget and with authority to approve purchases, signs their name signifying that the request is required.
    1. If over $5000, a Senior Manager must also sign.
    2. If a technology purchase, must have OIT approval signature.
  10. Admin. & Finance Signature – This signature is required if your requisition exceeds $500 or in any dollar amount issued to the La Verne Bookstore.
  11. Quantity– The exact quantity required.
    1. Note: please be aware of the vendor package sizes (i.e. 1 package of canary pads will include 12 canary pads)
  12. Unit of Measure – Description of Unit of Measure (i.e. each, dozen, ream, case, hour, lot – a list of items, etc.)
  13. Article and Description – Vendor catalog number (if applicable), name of the item, make, model, quote number, etc. If there are any instructions, include them in this area. Also include a contact name (if applicable) to mail or fax Purchase Order to their attention.
  14. Taxable (y/n)– Indicate whether or not each item is taxable. (i.e. of non-taxable items include shipping, services, and labor). Please note that because of the nature of our purchases, the default to this field is “taxable”.
    1. We must accrue sales tax on items, even if we purchase out of state and are not “charged” them.
  15. Unit Price – Price of the item either taken from the list price in a vendor catalog, order form, quote received or online pricing obtained.
  16. Supplier Discount – Enter negative dollar amount associated with discount. (i.e. $-10.00)
  17. Shipping – Enter dollar amount of shipping charges.
  18. Comments/Special Instructions – Enter additional comments or special instructions to be included on the Purchase Order.
  19. Vendor Contact/Email: Enter the contact name for the vendor and the email address to send the Purchase Order to.
  20. Date Needed – Enter the date your requested item or service is needed (if special date is applicable).
  21. Ordered for Whom: This is an optional data field for your reference to help you keep track of whom you ordered the product for.
  22. Recommended Vendor – Name, Address, Fax #, Phone #, Zip Code – Enter vendor contact information.
  23. Banner – Fund/Organization/Account/Program (FOAP) /Amount – See instructions for entry below.
    • Fund – list the 6 digit number(s) to which the goods or services should be charged. (i.e. 111111)
    • Organization – list the 6 digit number(s) to which the goods or services should be charged. (i.e. 111111)
    • Account  – List the 5 digit number(s) to which the goods or services should be charged. (i.e. 11111)
    • Program – List the 2 digit number(s) Program number to charge the goods and/or services. (i.e. 11)
    1. Amount – Enter dollar amount to be applied to each Department/Object number combination.
      * Notes:

      1. Up to (5) FOAP’s can be entered to split purchases between accounts.
      2. The dollar total field must equal the requisition total field.