Active Directory

What is Active Directory?

Active Directory (AD) is the system the University uses to allow authorized University users to access their files and systems on the network. Only staff and Student Workers who are authorized have an activated AD account.

New accounts

1. A New Hire form is required for all faculty/staff Active Directory accounts. This form is located at: After the form has been completed, you need to schedule an appointment with HR. Once HR has completed all paperwork, the Unified Service Desk is notified via email that it is okay to create a work order for an Active Directory account.

2. Creating a new account for student workers:

a. Active Directory accounts are automatically created for all University of La Verne students (except those taking Professional Development Courses (PDC)).

b. If a supervisor wishes to have an Active Directory account enabled for a student worker, they need to send an email to the Unified Service Desk at

c. If a supervisor wishes to grant access to departmental files for a student worker, they must state the files/folders they wish to give access to along with the required privilege(s) (read/write or read only) in an email message and send it to the Unified Service Desk at

3. Generic Student Accounts:

a. Under the new Network configuration, generic accounts are not given out. Especially if the account will be accessing Departmental Data, an actual named account is required.

i. Please provide names to the Unified Service Desk of the students working for the department for the current semester. Note: The student list will need to be resubmitted before each semester to ensure the accounts’ continual use.