ASULV was created to provide a fully and equally representative student government. Our goal is to:

  1. Represent and advocate for the interest of the students.
  2. Promote and enrich student academic, cultural, social and physical welfare.
  3. Enhance education while strengthening and supporting existing student clubs and organizations.
  4. Provide an official channel for the expressions of the students’ views and interests.
  5. Encourage and maintain student’s academic rights and responsibilities.
  6. Articulate our rights to a voice in campus governance.



Associated Students of University of La Verne (ASULV) is the officially recognized student government of the University of La Verne. ASULV advocates student interests on campus and in local, regional and national forums.

ASULV strives to create quality experiences, programs and services which are responsive to the needs and interests of the campus community.

ASULV fosters meaningful student development opportunities through leadership, employment and volunteer experiences. In addition to out-of-classroom learning experiences, ASULV enhances and supports student life by encouraging participation in ULV programs and services, and promotes organizations whose activities stimulate individual and group participation within the campus community.

To find out more about ASULV, contact the ASULV Executive Board Office at 909.448.4495 or email