One Book, One University

Mission of the One Book, One University Program at La Verne

Although several colleges across the country also feature common reading programs, they are mostly conducted as part of freshman orientation. The Writing Program’s common reading initiative stands out because we integrate academic writing and a values approach, reflecting the unique experience at La Verne. One Book, One University seeks to:

  1. Promote reading and the discussion of diverse perspectives as a common intellectual experience amongst students.
  2. Promote writing as a way of learning: students reflect upon or research questions inspired by reading and discussion. Students learn to write for academic and civic communication as a way to actively engage with the world.
  3. Integrate La Verne’s four core values into student learning, a values orientation that encourages students to reflect upon personal, professional, and societal values; a respect for diverse communities and the biodiversity of the planet; active lifelong learning; and engaged community service. The core values provide one framework, among many possible frameworks, for discussing the book.

We hope the wider university community will share their related perspectives through co-curricular activities, deepening students’ consideration of the book’s related topics from multiple disciplines.

Fall 2012 Selection:

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