Placement Exams 2016-17

General Instructions

Placement exam scores are used exclusively for the purposes of assessing subject-specific competency and placement into La Verne courses. Placement test scores:

  • Do not affect University of La Verne admissions decisions
  • Do not provide course or degree credit
  • Do not affect student course grades, transcripts, or GPA

Results are available through the student’s academic advisor during his/her advising and course registration session. To protect student confidentiality, the Academic Success Center does not provide placement test results to students over the phone or by email.

Math Placement Exam

Students will be permitted to choose between two math placement exams: the algebra-readiness exam (Test A) and the calculus-readiness exam (Test B). It is recommended that students enroll in the highest level math class for which they qualify (and is appropriate for their majors). Each exam is 30 minutes long and is designed to assess the student’s current skill level in the indicated areas. The exams are computer-based; calculators are not necessary and, as such, are not permitted.

Math placement scores are valid for one year only.

When instructed to do so, please Click Here to begin the Math Placement Exam.

Writing Placement Exam

The writing exam consists of a typed written response to a prompt issued by the Writing Department. Using Microsoft Word, students will have one hour to complete their written responses. The Writing Department then individually scores each exam using a blind review process. The exam score will determine student placement into WRT 109 (international students only), WRT 110, or WRT 110 with the additional 1-unit WRT 110 Studio.

When instructed to do so, please Click Here to begin the Writing Placement Exam.

Foreign Language Exam

Each foreign language exam is one hour long and divided into two components: grammar and reading comprehension. Undeclared majors and those students whose majors include a foreign language requirement should take the exam. It is in the best interest of all students to take the foreign language exam, even if it is not required by their major.

The ASC offers foreign language placement exams in:

Students who wish to test for adequate placement in Japanese courses should visit the Modern Languages Department.


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