Community Partner Information

We are delighted that you are interested in our Summer Service Program!  The following document provides guidelines for organizations who would like to partner with us: History and Guidelines for Community Partners

Request/Application for a Summer Service Volunteer
If you would like to request a Summer Service Volunteer, please fill out the form below.  Please note that you have the option to upload a position description, or any other helpful materials.

  • Please provided a job description of the work and activities that you would like the student to do. Please be as detailed and specific as possible. You may type the description into the text field below or upload a document.
  • Are there special qualities or personality characteristics that would be helpful for the student to possess to be successful in the work and activities?
  • Are there special skills or talents that you feel the student must possess? If yes, what are they?
  • Can you use individuals of any gender? If no, please name which gender you require and a brief explanation.
  • Students serve for a 10-week period over the summer. On what date would you like the student to begin?
  • On what date will the student end his/her service?
  • The Summer Service Program ensures that room, board and a $50.00 weekly stipend are provided for each volunteer. Which of the following necessities can your organization provide? Check all that apply.
  • We ask that our volunteer sites commit to helping student volunteers grow and develop. Is your organization willing to mentor and support the student volunteer as they develop their leadership skills and grow as a person spiritually, personally, socially, and professionally?