Places for Reflection, Worship, and Meditation

The University of La Verne has four spaces that can be used for reflection, prayer, meditation, or worship

Interfaith Chapel
The Interfaith Chapel is the largest space and can be used for individual reflection, prayer, meditation, or group services.

Chapel Conference Room
The Conference Room is on the lowest level of the Interfaith Chapel.  The room can be used as a quiet space for prayer and reflection.  The room is also used for small group meetings, study, and as a community gathering space.

Prayer and Meditation Loft
The Loft is a small room in the Interfaith Chapel.  It is above the 2nd floor and can be used for reflection, prayer, meditation, or study.

Campus Center Prayer and Meditation Room
The Prayer and Meditation Room is located on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center and is available from 8am-12 am for prayer and meditation.