Student Organizations

All meetings are open to students from any religious or philosophical perspective

Baha’i Club

Common Ground: Many Perspectives, One Future (Multi-Faith)
Common Ground builds bridges across religious, spiritual, and philosophical diversity to strengthen our communities and build a better world.  Common Ground encourages University of La Verne students, faculty, and staff to learn about various religious, non-religious and spiritual perspectives, engage in interfaith cooperation, act together for the common good, and contribute to the University’s broader mission to affirm diversity and promote inclusivity.

Cru (Christian)
Cru is a community of students passionately connecting the people of the University of La Verne, the surrounding community, and the world to Jesus Christ. All are welcome!
Facebook     National Cru Organization

Hillel (Jewish)
Hillel ensures everyone at the University of La Verne, whether Jewish or not, has an opportunity to explore Judaism and Jewish culture; all persons are welcome to all events and meetings of University of La Verne Hillel
Facebook      National Hillel Org

Muslim Student Association
The Muslim Students Association builds relationships among the Muslim students and tightens the bonds among them, encourages them to achieve high levels in their education, clarifies the stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam inside and outside the University, and educates people about Islam and its values.  All are welcome!
       MSA West

Renew (Christian)
The purpose of this organization is to love and serve the University of La Verne community by providing a welcoming environment where all people groups can come and learn about the Biblical truths and goodness of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
Meeting time: Thursdays, 7:00-8:30P.M. in the PDR