LVE Coursework

The La Verne Experience: From Start to Finish

Theory to Practice: Practical application of theoretical concepts.

Students learn important theoretical concepts in the classroom, from the traditional undergraduate to the doctoral student to the adult learner. An important way to fully grasp an idea is through active forms of learning. The concepts and methods taught in the classroom are applied in actual settings in the field, adding depth the each student’s experience and development. The La Verne Experience provides the opportunity for students on all campuses, in all programs to, participate in bringing theory to life in a practical setting.

FLEX:The Freshman La Verne Experience SoLVE and University Values GE Capstone and University Reflection

Creating opportunities for academic learning beyond the individual classroom.

Learning communities provide the opportunity for students and faculty to focus on meaningful learning outcomes, supporting the idea that education is not only an individual achievement, but one to be shared with others. The La Verne Experience Builds connections to maximize a student’s discovery and personal growth. Real learning cannot happen in a vacuum. Connecting oneself and one’s new ideas with others across classrooms, across the curricula, and into the community build confidence , deepens experience, and maximizes success.

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