T.A. Submission Form

Tuition Assistance Authorization Voucher Submission

Submit your authorized voucher each term/semester you are enrolled and plan on using Tuition Assistance (T.A.).

IMPORTANT: This is not an application for Tuition Assistance. Please contact your military education advisor if you have questions regarding tuition assistance eligibility.

Students are responsible for any tuition and fees not covered by Tuition Assistance.
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  • Upload Tuition Assistance Authorization Voucher

  • By my signature, I agree to the following:

    • The course information listed on my authorization voucher (including course department/number, title, hours, and tuition and fees) matches my enrollment.
    • I am required to submit a corrected tuition assistance authorization voucher if I add/drop/change courses listed on the voucher.
    • I am responsible for any outstanding tuition and fees my tuition assistance authorization form does not cover.
    • I understand any discrepancies on my tuition assistance voucher may delay payment for the courses and may impact my financial account, including financial aid disbursements.